Capturing the

Human Connection

We all have a reason to create an intentional time and space to really be in the presence of the one we love. 

"Never stop dating" is the best piece of advice we received when we got married. After children, work, the hustle and bustle of every day life, we sometimes forget the other person exists. It's time to date again. Whether you've been married 2 months or 20 years! Beautiful, in-love pictures aren't just for the newly engaged. I think it's even more important after the wedding day to document your love!

I am so passionate about this new branch of photography I'm stepping into. It's exciting, fun, classy, timeless, and a little spicy... but most importantly, it has a way of really showcasing what makes your connection special in the most organic way.

So make reservations at your favorite restaurant, call the sitter, let someone pamper you, dust off that suit, put on the dress, and invite me along to help remind you of the flame that started it all.